We are more than a brand, We are a way of life




I’m Kayla - a midwestern farmer, wife and mother who just a short time ago quit my 9 to 5 job and rediscovered my passion for writing. Since then I’ve been sharing my unscripted memoir on my blog and YouTube channel called 
Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife (CFW).


This is a passion project of mine that shows my successes, struggles and how I try to balance wrangling cattle, riding horses, baling hay, raising my children, being a farmer’s wife and owning a business day by day. It is me being my true authentic self. Someone that I struggled to find for many years. Now, I am a VOICE in the Agricultural Industry - I want to share my farm story to help others in a positive way... AGvocating purpose.


By you tagging along with my story, I hope you find the courage to take your leap of faith to your unknown that brings happiness to your life. Welcome to my unhinged world - Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife.

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