Fast AG Montana

Hello from the Big Sky state, the home of all things Fast AG Montana!  My name is Tony Fast and I’m blessed to be a husband, daddy, farmer, and self-proclaimed sub-par beard grower, none of which would be possible without Guidance and Grace from our Heavenly Father.
My great-grandpa homesteaded in northeastern Montana in 1916 and my three daughters are the 5th generation to live in our farmhouse.  We raise wheat, durum, canola, flax, peas, lentils, and alfalfa, all in an effort to do our part to help feed the world.  Dude, I Like Farming!
A few years ago I recognized how social media could play a big role in sharing our story and bridging the gap between growers and consumers.  With the addition of a drone, Instagram, and YouTube, all of a sudden I had a solid following and platform to stand on.  Although I’m unsure of where my road will lead, I know that sharing the story of my family’s farm has opened up doors to exciting opportunities and new friendships along the way.
As soon as I met the Farm Focused team, their mission of ‘Family, Pride, Hard Work and Quality’ aligned with what I strive for and quickly ignited instant friendship.  I’m excited to join forces with Farm Focused and hope you enjoy gear from a brand that represents nothing less than that!
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