Farm Tech

  • Watson Duke Leather Gloves

    Farm Focused

    Watson Duke Leather Gloves

    The best built, most comfortable, longest lasting, and hard working leather work glove you will ever own As seen on the "Common Folk" podcast Watson brand "The Duke" Leather gloves Cotton fleece liningPremium full-grain deerskin leatherDrivers style with...

  • Sonne Farms

    The Boss Vaccine Cooler

    **Ships to addresses in US Only**   There's a NEW BOSS in town. We took your feedback to heart and redesigned our vaccine cooler complete with new great features such as a drain plug, tie downs, and advanced built-in needle and gadget organization...

  • The Jr. Vaccine Cooler

    Sonne Farms

    The Jr. Vaccine Cooler

    The Jr. CattleVacBox chute side cooler is designed for working smaller herds, both sides of the chute, or during calving time. It keeps livestock vaccines and medications cool, sorted and protected even under the most extreme conditions. Easy to carry...

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