The Boss Vaccine Cooler

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There's a NEW BOSS in town.

We took your feedback to heart and redesigned our vaccine cooler complete with new great features such as a drain plug, tie downs, and advanced built-in needle and gadget organization compartments on top.

Capable, rugged, and robust - the Boss has been redesigned with convenient features to make your job easier.

The largest CattleVacBox, the Boss has enough storage to last all day, and is perfect for setting on your chute-side table!

  • Built-In 6 Compartment Organizational Storage Lid
  • 3 Syringe Holsters with Plugs
  • Patented 6-Compartment Tray Inside
  • Interlocking Lid Secured with 3 Heavy Duty Latches
  • Double-Insulated Design
  • Drain Plug
  • Color Coded Holsters
  • Tie Downs
  • Built-In Carry Handles
  • Customizable on Front or Lid

Dimensions: 28" x 17" x 19"

50 Quarts

Weight: 31 pounds

Too big for your needs? Check out the Jr for a smaller solution!

Why Do I Need a Vaccine Cooler?

Vaccine coolers are designed especially to transport, organize, and protect vaccine all day while you're working chuteside with your animals.

Vaccines are costly, and you depend on them for protecting your herd from disease. Vaccines break down if they're not kept in a specific temperature range out of direct sunlight, which can make them ineffective and even dangerous.

Safeguard your investment by keeping your vaccines cool, sorted, and protected while processing cattle, bison, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, or other livestock.


Packing vaccines correctly is vital for keeping them at the correct temperatures all day so they maintain their effectiveness. Vaccines can be pricey- you don't want that money to go to waste!


Prevent UV rays from harming modified live vaccines with easy-to-access syringe holsters, designed to shield syringes in between shots.


Maintaining a safe and organized operation is a must. Specialized compartments keep both new and used sharp needles tucked away, while our patented lift-out tray keeps track of mixed and unmixed vaccines.

What are the differences in the vaccine cooler sizes?

The Boss is set up for three syringes/vaccines, has a top organizational tray in the lid, and is great for working more than 50 head at a time.

The Jr is set up for two syringes/vaccinations, has a removable carry handle, and is great for herds under 50 head.



One of our most-requested features, the Boss now includes tie-downs to make sure that your Boss stays secure wherever you need to go! Strap it onto a UTV or the back of your truck for vaccinating away from home!


Built In Organization Lid

6 compartments, an indestructible clear lid, and a sturdy latch makes organizing small items easier than ever!


Drain Plugs

Using ice instead of gel packs? Want to hose out the inside of your CattleVacBox? We've made emptying out water easy with a drain plug - now you don't need to tip the whole cooler!


U.S. Patent Number 10,322,866

U.S. Patent Number 10,807,786

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The Boss Vaccine Cooler

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