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We are Farm Focused. We make your farm more efficient, productive, profitable, and enjoyable.

Our products and services are the best in the business and directly address specific deficiencies within the farming operation.


Having grown up around here we are very proud to be able to work with the individuals who supply our great country and beyond with food and farm based products.  Here are just a couple of the many we have worked with over the past few years talking about their experiences and results when working with Farm Focused.

“After the tune, we’re harvesting 12 rows of 200+ bushel corn while chopping the stalks and unloading up a hill with a full hopper, and she didn’t even complain.  Thanks Farm Focused!” – MN Millennial Farmer

“I’ve run this 9620R now for a couple hours and it’s a whole different machine.” – Kyle F., Eastern Nebraska

“Well, before you tuned it (Magnum 245) I was pulling in 9th gear 5 mph without a tank.  Now I can pull in 10th gear at 6.5mph with a tank.  I think it’s just what I was looking for!” – Kyle K., SE Nebraska

“The tune is f*ck*ng great!  My Dad even said the tractor sounds better going through the field (9230) – Jeremy J., Western Iowa


Agricultural equipment needs to be dependable and performance driven. With our service we can safely maximize the power output and fuel efficiency of your machines. Using less fuel and getting the job done sooner means saved costs and a stronger bottom line.  We work on all diesel powered Ag equipment.  Do you have something on your farm that needs more power or seems to use way to much fuel?  Give us a shout or shoot us an email.  We will get you the no B.S. answers you need to make the right decisions on equipment for your operation.

Want to learn a little more about the process?  Check out the YouTube videos below.  Ben visits the Millennial Farmer and shows the process on his combine.  Also, Richard the Shorebilly Farmer gives an in depth review of performance and efficiency gains.



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